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The salon is in the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca in a historic building built in 1700.

Our location on a tourist island and, specifically, in the city centre, means that all our staff are international in their attitude, both as professional hairdressers and beauticians and in their client care.

At Carlos Martín it’s not just about the hair cut or colour.  It’s the all round experience – the music, the décor and the relaxing atmosphere.   Everything comes together to create a memorable moment in time.

Every person needs a style, every style needs a person.
WE LISTEN: To each client’s needs.
WE LOOK: meticulously at the type of hair and scalp we will be working with.
WE ANALYSE: All possible options, on an individual basis.
WE WORK: Using the most advanced technologies on the market.

COMMITMENT: Our commitment is to make you feel so good about your image that it makes life a breeze.

CUTTING EDGE IDEAS: We believe that being at the cutting edge means that a person knows how to adapt to modern times without forgetting who they are. It is important that your image is a part of your character, way of life and lifestyle, etc, but without worrying excessively about being “in fashion”.



Carlos Martín Gómez

A stylist for more than 20 years and a consummate professional in the world of hairdressing and make-up. He has worked on fashion shows in New York, London, Madrid, and more. He is also a colourist trainer for the prestigious REDKEN brand for professionals. He has an extensive professional career, but, above all, is sensitive to colour and people making his results a dream come true.

Alejandro Vaquer

is charming but above all an artist with the trimmers, his styling is millimetre perfect and makes his men’s haircuts come alive. In the ladies salon, his chignons and plaiting make it look far easier than it really is and he creates unique, artistic styles.

Olga Pryadkina

The sweetness and delicacy with which she carries out her upsweeps must be down to her Russia roots as Olga sculpts the hair using her fingers as if they were a chisel. We predict an excellent future for her in the salon.

Llorenç Colmillo

Después de 6 meses contando todo lo que sucedía en nuestro salón, Llorenç se ha quedado con nosotros. Desde el pasado mes de enero, además de seguir escribiendo en nuestro blog, será la primera cara que veas cuando entres en el salón ocupándose de la recepción.

Juanma Fecha

He has been in the profession for more than 20 years and that is   clearly visible both in his knowledge and in the results of all his work. Putting yourself in his hands is a guarantee of success.

Lola Gómez

Nacida en Sevilla, ella es pura Andalucía. Dulce, cercana, simpática y profesional. Lola hará que nunca quieras levantarte del lavacabezas y que los tratamientos sean infinitos. Ella, además es esteticista, así que os puede dejar más que listas para salir por la puerta del salón.

Marisol Gorreta

Shows her artistic side in the Graphic Design department, in all the   Salon’s materials, without which it would have no shape.  She makes all Carlos Martín Hairdressers’ graphics coherent and understated so that the experience can be perfectly identified with the CM brand.

Ana Román

Llega a nuestro salón la técnica en extensiones de pestañas, de la mano de Ana Román. Con una extensa experiencia en Estados Unidos y Canadá, trae esta avanzada técnica y sus productos de alta gama a Carlos Martín Peluqueros.

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