The salon is spacious and divided up into separate spaces to create a private atmosphere for our clients.

The grooming area is divided into two intercommunicating areas.

The hair washing area is intimate, with relaxing sounds so that the washing experience becomes a unique, relaxing moment.

There is a treatment area where you can have a scalp massage and treatment ritual with different strains of music.

The waiting area is where you can enjoy our teas, coffees, cavas and aperitifs in a welcoming atmosphere making the wait more enjoyable.

HAIRDRESSER CARLOS MARTÍNThe Carlos Martín salon area is the place where magistral formulas developed makes our colors special and unique, where long hairs get movements and textures, in short, where our customers find the magic and charm they seek.

The BarberShop A man deserves a space dedicated to their care.  The world has changed and demands a man whose haircut and beard have style and personality.  We all want to be different, but with class and style.It has three rooms, which connect to the Hairdressing Salon by a wooden staircase, reaching across the facade of the building, Costa sa Pols Nº 5.

Los métodos que utilizamos en CM Beauty combinan la fuerza de la naturaleza con los últimos conocimientos de las investigaciones cosméticas y biotecnológicas.
Las fórmulas de los distintos productos que utilizamos en nuestra cabina se ajusta a cada tipo de piel, con sustancias activas necesarias dependiendo de cada caso.

MAKE UP – Carlos Martín culture involves a strong motivation to get and provide a perfect total look. For achieving this, we know it is essential to pay attention to every single detail. For this reason we are pleased to present our brand new making up studio.

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A bride’s beauty is based on achieving oneness with the setting and perfect harmony between the type of ceremony, the dress, make-up, hairdressing and accessories.

At Carlos Martín hairdressers we make all this possible.

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